All fleets are welcome.

The Sustainable Fleets Program sets standards for all fleets, regardless of their industry, size, location, or composition. Every fleet is assessed on its own unique progress and real actions in adopting zero-emission vehicles.

Fleets able to meet at least 10% zero-emission vehicle adoption can promote their achievement and receive high-profile recognition.


Stand out in a crowd

Fleets achieving Platinum, Gold, and Silver recognition levels can leverage their achievement to improve their brand image and increase their competitive advantage.   

  • Sustainable Fleets badge to place on zero-emissions vehicles. 
  • Marketing kit for sustainability reports, press releases, and social media posts.
  • High-profile recognition by CALSTART and the California Air Resources Board. 
  • Inclusion on the Zero-Emission Vehicle Fleets for Hire List used by shippers to hire zero-emission fleets.

A simple and effective benchmark

Sustainable Fleets recognition levels correspond to the percentage of zero-emissions vehicles in their fleets and additional sustainability measures in place. All fleets are committed to achieving accreditation-level (Platinum, Gold, or Silver) zero-emission vehicle adoption and a long-term plan for achieving zero-emission fleet operations.

Accredited Fleets1



20% or greater Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption and Sustainability Measures



15-19% Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption and Sustainability Measures



10-14% Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption

1 The zero-emission vehicle adoption percentages required for Accredited Fleets will increase over time, in line with the final Advanced Clean Fleets targets established by the California Air Resources Board.

Enrolled Fleets



1-9% Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption
— On Pathway To Greater Adoption



0% Zero-Emission Vehicle Adoption
— Committed to Zero-Emission Future and Planning

Sustainability Measures

Going the extra mile

Platinum and Gold level Sustainable Fleets manage and reduce their net environmental impacts from fleet operations through additional sustainability measures within the following categories:

  • Introducing zero-emission fleet infrastructure
  • Participating in clean energy programs
  • Demonstrating community outreach

The Sustainable Fleets Program Journey

The Sustainable Fleets Program is designed to help all fleets
commit to and achieve their sustainability goals.

Goals Graph
Goals Graph