Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no enrollment fee for California fleets to participate in Sustainable Fleets. Participation in Sustainable Fleets is currently open to California fleets only. Complete this interest form to be notified when the program becomes available nationwide.

California fleets receive Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) sponsorship to cover the cost of participation in the Sustainable Fleets Program.

  1. Tell us about your company, fleet, and sustainability plans. Complete the Sustainable Fleet Plan and enter fleet data into the Data Collection Tool.  The Sustainable Fleet Plan includes a pledge to start on your zero-emission pathway, including a timing and implementation plan for zero-emission vehicle adoption in your fleet. Other commitments include, for example, an idle-reduction policy, efficient driver practices policy, and a vehicle energy-tracking policy. All information is kept confidential.
  2. Receive a Fleet Report Card with tier achieved. We’ll also provide a checklist of steps to further reduce your environmental impact and achieve more advanced accreditation tiers.
  3. Re-evaluate annually to continue improving your fleet’s sustainability and earn higher accreditation tiers. Your organization will receive valuable ongoing insights, support, and benchmarking statistics to help meet your goals.

Fleets will be evaluated once a year. Fleets will receive a reminder email to start the evaluation cycle a month before the date of the next accreditation the following year.

Fleet Infrastructure​ Metrics

  • On-site solar or hydrogen production installed​
  • On-site battery storage installed
  • Smart charging system installed and operating​

Energy Metrics

  • Participation in clean energy purchasing program through Community Choice Aggregation, Power Purchasing Agreement, or Renewable Energy Credits

Community Outreach​ Metrics

  • Knowledge sharing (webinars, community meetings, etc.)
  • Job training

Yes, existing CALSTART members have the option of participating in the Sustainable Fleets Program.

The Zero-Emissions Vehicle Fleets for Hire list is a list of accredited Sustainable Fleets that have demonstrated their commitment to zero-emission fleet operations. This list is made available to hiring entities and can potentially result in these fleets gaining new customers.

CARB is developing a medium and heavy-duty zero-emission fleet regulation, called Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF), with the following goals:​

  • Accelerate the market for zero-emission trucks and buses by requiring fleets that are well suited for electrification to transition to ZEVs where feasible
  • Contribute to California’s goal of achieving a zero-emission truck and bus fleet in the state by 2045 where feasible
  • 100% zero-emission vehicle sales requirement by 2040

CARB has identified the following vehicles for regulation:​

  • Vehicles that are suitable for early electrification, their subhaulers, and entities that hire them such as last mile delivery and drayage applications​
  • Drayage trucks, public agencies, federal governments, and high-priority fleets that own or control trucks, buses, and shuttles​.

CARB’s Advanced Clean Fleet Rule is being finalized and is subject to change. Learn more.